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Review: Indi-Dog Houdini Ultra Harness

Last year, I found myself in the market for a new escape-proof harness.  I’d gone through two that hadn’t held up as expected, and didn’t trust them not to break in an emergency.  My big male, Irish, startles easily.  He’s as likely to bolt at the sight of a parked car as he is to ignore that car entirely.  He’s also perfectly capable, like most Greyhounds, of slipping most harnesses and collars in a matter of seconds should he have the mind to do it.  I needed something to keep him safe.  The most effective solution was a harness specially made to be escape-proof on deep-chested, lean-bodied dogs.  Most of these harnesses are made by small, independent shops as custom orders, and the cost for them can add up.  With the brand I had once trusted now declining in quality, it was time to search for something better. Continue reading