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Greyhounds in Gettysburg: Our Biggest Event of the Year

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Greyhounds in Gettysburg - Battlefield WalkWith just one week left to register, the hounds and I decided to share our favorite event with you today: Greyhounds in Gettysburg. GiG goes back to 1998, and has grown to become one of the largest Greyhound events on the East Coast. With over 70 vendors, two days of educational seminars, and four days of social events and contests, like wine tasting and the Blur of Fur Speed Run, GiG is a chance unlike any other for sighthound enthusiasts to celebrate the dogs we love.

Greyhounds in Gettysburg runs from April 27th through the 30th this year, with socials and in-town experiences planned to kick off the celebration on Thursday.  Friday launches the weekend’s series of seminars, with talks such as Dr. Brady Beale’s “Saving the Sight of Our Hounds.” Seminars continue into Saturday, and will touch on topics from canine behavior to the effects of racetrack closures on the number of Greyhounds in immediate need of placement in the near future.  Favorite vendors return this year, including LongDog Leather Works and Miss Lucy’s Dog Treats, with new vendors such as Midnight Sun Beading adding to GiG’s unmatched shopping experience. There have been a few small schedule changes to streamline the event and make it even better. The Blur of Fur Speed Run, once held on Sunday before closing ceremonies, will now be a feature event on Saturday afternoon. Visitors can gather for a buffet breakfast the following morning for great company and good food to fuel everyone for the trip home.

So why do my dogs and I love Greyhounds in Gettysburg? We’ve been helping out in small ways and large since Triangle Greyhound Society passed the reins to Nittany Greyhounds prior to GiG 2013. I can tell you firsthand how much dedication and effort goes into the event each year. It’s wonderful to see GiG evolve from year to year as organizers work to preserve favorite traditions while keeping things fresh and exciting. Greyhounds in Gettysburg isn’t about one adoption group or one weekend a year. It’s about making sure the Greyhound community can continue to provide homes for retired racing Greyhounds for as long as there’s a need.

Check back in a few days for the story of some of our favorite things at Greyhounds in Gettysburg.  If you haven’t made plans to register for Greyhounds in Gettysburg already, we think they may change your mind!

Greyhounds in Gettysburg - Vendor Shopping


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