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Our Favorite Haunts at Greyhounds in Gettysburg

Welcome - Greyhounds in GettysburgMy hounds and I are awfully busy with volunteer activities during Greyhounds in Gettysburg, but we always make time for perennial favorites. From ghost stories to shopping, and to meeting with old friends, we hardly sit down during the four days of the event.  Each year is a new adventure.  Exhausting, yes, but entirely worth it! Continue reading

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Greyhounds in Gettysburg: Our Biggest Event of the Year

Greyhounds in Gettysburg - Battlefield WalkWith just one week left to register, the hounds and I decided to share our favorite event with you today: Greyhounds in Gettysburg. GiG goes back to 1998, and has grown to become one of the largest Greyhound events on the East Coast. With over 70 vendors, two days of educational seminars, and four days of social events and contests, like wine tasting and the Blur of Fur Speed Run, GiG is a chance unlike any other for sighthound enthusiasts to celebrate the dogs we love. Continue reading