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I might be the one who does all the typing, but I’m definitely not the only one doing the work. It’s only fair that I give credit where credit is due: to my dogs. My Greyhounds tolerate the majority of my crazy human whims. Without their patience, I’d have little insight to offer anyone. In order of adoption (certainly not importance; wouldn’t want to play favorites!), my hounds are:

Maia - Retired Racing GreyhoundMaia (PG Snip): It seems fitting that the princess should come first. The original plan had been to keep a one dog household. As a result, Maia enjoyed the better part of a year as the sole recipient of my affections  (don’t tell her I cheated on her with my cats, my horse, and an awful lot of pet fish). My search for a second dog was inspired, in part, by Maia’s clear longing to spend time with other members of her species. That didn’t stop her from bonding closely with her humans (servants), or from developing an expectation that we should dote upon her at every turn. She absolutely will not go to sleep unless we tuck her in just so, and approaches dog training with a distinct air of, “What’s in it for me?”

Irish (Irish Lass): Let’s get the important business out of the way. Yes, Irish is indeed a boy. I’ve seen a photo of a sister from the same litter who has almost identical facial markings. She also happens to have a more unisex racing name. Is it possible the two were mixed up at registration? That by the time anyone noticed, it was too late to change the names? I have no idea. It makes for an amusing story, and Irish is an amusing guy. He’s the cheerful, friendly, bumbling gentleman of my bunch. He’s also a spook, which has taught my whole family to read the world in terms of safeguarding 77 lbs of lean muscle and speed from things like plastic bags and falling leaves.

Midori (Mt. Midoriyama): My favorite part of having littermates is the unsuspecting passerby who exclaims in delight at the sight of my girls, “They could be sisters!” Why yes, they could! I smile and I laugh. It’s a special treat to have a pair of sisters, and I fully realize that I am fortunate to experience it. My father launched the campaign to find Midori and helped me see it through to adoption. Unlike her sister, Midori can be shy, but she copes much better with the mysteries of the world than Irish. She is particular in her affections toward humans, devoted to her sister and Irish, and 100% worth the long road to bring her into our lives.


Author: Jennifer C. Lee

I am a proud graduate of the Master of Arts Strategic Communication program at Washington State University, and currently employed at BeneCard PBF as a Corporate Communications Specialist. View my portfolio at:

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