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Greyt Adventures and Expectations

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Three Greyhounds into my adventure, I’m starting to figure out what I’m doing. My Greyhounds seem to appreciate the effort, but I love this breed so much, I often want to give more.  Greyt Adventures offers the chance to do that.

Greyhounds evolved to be one of the world’s most specialized breed of dogs.  The retired racing Greyhound (the Greyhound that most of us know best) has been further set apart by the unique circumstances under which they are raised.  Physically and mentally, Greyhounds are different.  It isn’t a good different or a bad different.  It’s simply part of their charm.

That difference is the primary inspiration for this blog.  When I adopted my first Greyhound, I found that much of the information available on “normal” dogs didn’t apply to my culture-shocked ex-racer.  General resources on topics such  as collar fit, flea and tick preventatives, and dog training lacked one important mention: “If your dog is a Greyhound, please see our section titled Looks Like a Dog but Isn’t.”

You know exactly what I mean if you’ve shared a home with a Greyhound for more than a week.  The fastest dog in the world isn’t a dog at all.  It’s a gigantic housecat who decided to go undercover as the enemy.  The traits that separate Greyhounds from most other dogs can make it a challenge to find useful products, tackle training challenges, and find healthcare solutions.

Greyhound owners understand and delight in traits that separate our dogs from the wider canine world.  So when you can’t figure out how to teach your Greyhound to sit, or where to buy a harness they can’t slip in their sleep, do what I did.  Ask a Greyhound owner.  Even if it takes three Google searches to find one who has the knowledge that you need.  Which I hope it doesn’t, because I’m right here, and I’m ready to give you a hand.


Author: Jennifer C. Lee

I am a proud graduate of the Master of Arts Strategic Communication program at Washington State University, and currently employed at BeneCard PBF as a Corporate Communications Specialist. View my portfolio at:

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